Sunday, December 2, 2012

Publishing Your E-Book

Publishing an e-book today has both the benefits of never being easier while at the same being more confusing than ever with contradicting information filling the web. Let me try and dispel all the get rich quick myths and the “How to sell a million books.” They are not true, none of them. The way to sell a million books is to write a truly fantastic, engaging novel with great book editing, plot, characters and a story those appeals to a wide audience. If you have all these in your book, publishers will clamor to publish you.
Now, to be honest it may be difficult to get noticed as a first time writer by publishers and get past their slush piles. Your next step would be to publish your book yourself and depend on your readers to get the word of mouth out about your wonderful new novel. This is the way the vast majority of author website are going about getting published today and unfortunately a large amount of them are not ready to be published due to poor editing. Don't make this mistake, ensure your book is properly edited and you will stand out from the crowd.
Following are the steps to publishing your e-book.
1.                  Write an engaging and wonderful novel.
2.                  Get your novel professionally edited.
3.                  Get a book cover professionally designed.
4.                  Create a professionally designed website.
5.                  Create a strong social media platform.
6.                  Market your book continually and research e-book marketing strategies
7.                  Write a second book and then a third. This is the best marketing.

The most important parts of the list are to write continually and write well. If you can do this, people will notice and sales will follow. Continually refine your craft, read how to write better, read books similar to your own and successful authors that you aspire to and then once again write, write and then publishinghouse will notice you. Oh, and always use a very good book editor, they are a great writers best friend and will ensure the writer continues to write well, no matter how famous he or she may be.

Rick Momsen is CEO of Pegasus Publishing and author of The Complete E-book Marketing and Publishing Guide